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I sued. It sucked. But I won. It still sucked, tho.

I recently finished a lawsuit, and it was the most time consuming process I’ve ever experienced.  I have been involved in lawsuits for about 30 years as a defendant, lay witness, expert witness, and now as plaintiff.  Let me brea...

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Behind the Keyboard - Enfuse 2016 Presentation download

I had the amazing honor of speaking before a full room at Enfuse this week.  This was not only my first time speaking at Enfuse, it was my first time at Enfuse. The conference was put together well.  Kudos to poolside event coordinator.&nbs...

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Like math, talking to people in DFIR is hard. But here is a tip.

I have a good friend who is a natural with people.  He makes you feel like you have known him all your life after having just met minutes prior.  I am totally not like that. Seems like many in this computing industry as a whole are generall...

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