I'm about halfway through the WinFE online course and then I'm sending it to a reviewer.  The topics and order of the curriculum are listed below.

I've added a multitude of build methods that will be documented and demonstrated in the online class.  It'll be recorded, so not a webinar where you have to close your door and tell the boss to stay out of your office during lunch. You will be able to watch it when you can and as much as you need.

imageIf you don't see something on the list that you would like to have added, now is the time to make the suggestion before I finish and upload the course.  I'm also uploading all the swag in form of batch files, white papers, wallpapers, applications, and anything else I have on WinFE for downloading.  Basically, everything you need will be in one place.

There is a test at the end of the course and you can take it if you like or not.  That is up to you to decide.  Personally, I'd take it just to say that I took coursework in a forensic tool that included an exam to test my knowledge.  This isn't a long course, but it is 'all things WinFE' wrapped up in one training program that you can take at home or during the lunch hour, about a forensic tool that anyone, and I mean literally anyone, can build on their laptop in Starbucks.  You don't need to be a programmer or software developer.  If you are a forensic examiner, you can build and use this tool.

WinFE doesn't do everything and doesn't work for every situation.  But for when you need to use forensically sound bootable environment, WinFE is pretty cool.



Introduction to the Course
Why take this course?



I. Forensic Booting of Evidence Computers
When, Why, How



II. Forensic Boot Operating Systems
Linux Forensic Operating Systems
Windows Forensic Environment (Windows FE, WinFE)



III. WinFE Basics
Creation and development of WinFE
WinFE Write Protection Tool
Disk Management & DiskPart
WinFE and Your Forensic Software

IV. Building the Windows Forensic Environment
Building the Basic WinFE
Building WinFE with WinBuilder
Building WinFE Lite
Building Mini-WinFE with Winbuilder
Building the Windows Triage Environment



V. Using WinFE
Forensic Data Collection (file copying, disk imaging)
Triage and Preview
Remote Booting and Collections
Onsite Forensic Analysis
Covert Collections/Sneak and Peeks
WinFE as a "Live" Tool
WinFE as an Electronic Discovery Tool
WinFE and Disk Encryption
Adding Drivers on the Fly



VI. Wrapping Up with WinFE



WinFE Qualification Exam