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WinBuilder Revisited

A big thanks to Royal Meier for providing  a script to modify the registry with a WinBuilder Win7PE build.   What I thought would be a difficult task of using WinBuilder to build a WinFE ISO, is turning out to be quite simple, at least for Royal Meier (he makes it look simple anyway).

I am planning that "the" WinFE WinBuilder will be available before Christmas, for Christmas.  So far, it works wonderfully, but there are a few tweaks to be added to make it really able to create the Super WinFE ISO without having to spend any time running batch files or typing in commands in a DOS shell.

There are a few other things to be added after the New Year, like Colin Ramsden's work, but that is coming up as well.  So, if you have procrastinated all this time to build a WinFE CD/USB, the wait is nearly over.

How cool is it to build your own custom forensically sound boot CD (in a Windows OS...) with a few clicks?  It is just plain cool.   This is quick and easy, quite super actually.
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