If you haven’t seen yet, I started a Patreon page for DFIR Training (www.dfir.training). I’ve done this for a few reasons to benefit those interested and me personally. I think if you see the why, you may want to jump over and support the page.

If you support the Patreon page, you’ll get access to the training courses that i have created and those that I will continue to create.  You’ll get  24/7 access to the courses and certs of completion for supporting me at Patreon.  

The training courses will keep coming and the posts/videos to Patreon will keep going as well. 

The main point: Supporters on Patreon will help grow www.DFIR.training, be recognized for their support, and gain some cool rewards.  

There are a lot of other cool things that I have planned for DFIR.training too...  Some will be available only on the Patreon page as rewards for supporters, and other things will be added to the website freely. If you decide to support through Patreon, you are on my hero list and I sincerely thank you.

Another point on Patreon

You should take a look at what is on Patreon. There are quite a few creators on Patreon that deserve a look.   I’m supporting a few too, if for nothing else but to support someone’s effort in the field and to keep them doing what they are doing.

Thanks in advance!