Mini-WinFE is out of beta!

The Mini-WInFE project is out of beta (it worked as expected).  This is a "mini" FE because it is a tad bit more than the original command line only version and a little less than the full-featured-every-option-available version.

It's fast to build (less than 10 minutes to build and burn to a CD), fast to boot, and fast to image.

Since is it primarily an imaging solution, scripts for FTK Imager, X-Ways Forensics, and the FAU imaging utilities and included.  X-Ways does not "come with" this WinFE, you need a license for X-Ways.  FTK Imager, like FAU, is free for you to download for use in this Mini-WinFE.

This is the build you want when you need a Windows based imaging boot system.  It has been developed from a forensics acquisitions perspective, without an option to build anything other than a write-protected, WinFE OS.

The project is freely downloaded at

Superb documentation on the Mini-WinFE by Misty can be found here:

More wallpaper has been added to the download page.