You can now download the WinFE WinBuilder.  Thanks to everyone that helped support this effort, it was well worth it.

As to a guide on how to use WinFE, it probably isn't really needed since WinFE is simply a forensic boot disc.  So, you might not need any help in putting WinFE to good use.  However...there may be a few things you didn't know you could do with WinFE that could be of interest.   Since that might be the case, here is a quick guide on tips on using WinFE as well as tips for building with WinBuilder.

Users Guide to WinFE

For support on how to use WinBuilder (troubleshooting, advanced features), check out the WinBuilder website at

To reiterate some points about WinFE (and to hopefully prevent 'hate mail' coming to me from commercial products...), WinFE is an addition to your forensic toolkit. It doesn't replace any tools, only supplements what you are using anyway.   Commercial products that do the same thing that WinFE does work too, keep buying those if you want, you don't have to use WinFE.  And for the Linux lovers out there (Hey, I'm one of you guys too!), there is time and place for everything, sometimes WinFE is best, another time CAINE or DEFT or ???*nix may be best.

As far as anyone making a profit out of WinFE, no need to ask, because no one is;  it is a community project of customizing a Windows PE to fit your needs.

And yes, there are even some more neat things to be added to WinFE in the future...but as of now, you have access to a solid forensic environment.

For additional credits to this project;

This project uses the project Win7PE_SE as Base building, thank's to ChrisR for his great work ( Win7PE_SE  Also, thanks to theYahoouk , JFX, Altorian, Lancelot, and RuiPaz with the Win7PE project on which this WinFE WinBuilder is based.