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Ethics of Plagiarism Allegations



I was wrongly accused of plagiarism, but the accuser has privately admitted their mistake. Due to the lack of a public retraction, I am compelled to clarify the situation myself.


In the spirit of transparency within our community, I am sharing an overview of a recent incident while maintaining the confidentiality of all parties involved.

An email was sent to me alleging that I had plagiarized their research. The individual who made this accusation has since acknowledged, both in writing and in conversation, that their claims were without merit. Specifically, they recognized that my book did not even draw inspiration from their research.

Regrettably, this baseless accusation was shared with multiple third parties within the DFIR community before the accuser contacted me and subsequently conceded that I had not drawn from their research. In the absence of a public correction, I find it necessary to address this matter directly.

This experience has been unsettling and shows the fragility of reputation and the necessity of careful handling of serious accusations within our community. It has reinforced my commitment to promoting due diligence and fair processes to prevent and address such situations responsibly.

This incident underscores a larger concern: the casual circulation of unsubstantiated allegations within the DFIR community without proper verification and due process. Informal dissemination of serious accusations among peers, without foundational evidence, can damage reputations—especially if the allegations are later retracted or shown to be baseless. Rumors and accusations cut both ways, damaging integrity and reputations of all involved parties, sometimes irreparably. 

Moving Forward

Open and effective communication is essential in our field. It is imperative to address misunderstandings promptly to prevent them from escalating into unwarranted accusations. We must adhere to principles of fairness and ethical conduct, which not only uphold our collective integrity but also foster a more trusting and collaborative environment.

As professionals dedicated to uncovering the truth and upholding justice, it is incumbent upon us to embody these values in our daily interactions. 

In light of this, I will continue to contribute positively to our community and focus on advancing our field. I encourage all members of the DFIR community to reflect on this incident and commit to maintaining the highest standards of professional conduct and integrity. Challenges and misunderstandings will inevitably arise, but it is our collective response to these challenges that defines us. We have the opportunity to turn every challenge into a stepping stone towards greater trust and cooperation.

Further details will not be disclosed out of respect for everyone involved.

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