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"DFIR Investigative Mindset" Release Hits a Snag - Here's What's Up


So, you've been counting down the days until you could get your hands on "DFIR Investigative Mindset," right? March 22 was marked in your calendar, and if you've been wondering why you can't purchase what's intended to be a must-read in the digital forensics/incident response world, you're not alone. Let's talk about what's going on.

Amazon is the holdup.

Amazon, the go-to for pretty much everything has some "worldwide issues" on their end, making them take longer than usual to review books before they are published. This means that the "DFIR Investigative Mindset" is stuck in this review limbo, with a delay that might stretch beyond ten days. This is a bummer, considering it is typically within 72 hours.

The book is sitting in an "IN REVIEW" status, and there is nothing that I can do about it. I can't cancel, restart, question the status, rush it, or anything.  As of this post, it has been over 300 hours for Amazon's 72-hour review.


But Wait, There's Some Good News!

While I wait on Amazon, I am hustling to get the book to you through other means. Barnes & Noble will have it stocked within the month. Not only that, but you'll also find it online through different sources like Walmart and Target and international bookstores (ie, brick and mortar). I am expecting that all will happen at about the same time.

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There is more good news. For the first week after the book's release on Amazon (and only Amazon), it will be listed at half price. I will post the release on this blog and social media the day it is available. If you want to make sure you don’t miss the first week, sign up for an email notification at Since the book is print-on-demand, the sooner you order, the sooner you will get your copy.


The Digital Forensics Now podcast talked about the book (note: they were given an advanced draft of the book).



Here are some of the reviews from the beta readers. The only compensation was that I would send them a print copy of the book, regardless of whether they liked it or not.


 “The book improved my investigative mindset, contributing new perspectives and offering additional methodologies for critical thinking, decision-making, and strategic planning.”

Chad Gish, Metro Nashville Police Department


“This book is a step or five in the direction that we, as an industry, need to go. This material must be part of the foundational, introductory material that is repeated consistently throughout an analyst's career.”

Harlan Carvey,


A book like this would have given me laser focus in my transition to DFIR. Today, it provides a guide to audit my progress.”

Derek Eiri,


“It has been some time since I read a book that I could not put down; this book “The DFIR Investigative Mindset” is one of them.”

Lorie Hermesdorf MSDF, Aurora University


“There are many intangible assets that separate an effective DFIR practitioner from one who simply performs data collection and reporting. The DFIR Investigative Mindset compiles all of these in one place and serves to bolster your effectiveness in every case you work, in both government and private sector DFIR practice alike.”

Patrick J. Siewert, ArcherHall,


“This is the book that examiners don’t know they need, the thing that is most difficult to teach in a classroom, and the reason that diverse teams that include people with investigative backgrounds are critical.”

Jessica Hyde,


“I wish this book was available when I was first trying to get into the DFIR field.”

Elan Wright (aka: DFIR Diva),


"This is a sorely needed resource in our field for people new to DFIR and as a refresher for those already aware of these concepts."

David Neal, Applied Materials


"In digital forensics, we often focus on finding the artifacts. The DFIR Investigative Mindset imparts something rarer: the critical thinking, observational, and communication skills essential for building a compelling case."

Michael F. McGowan, Metafor LLC


“You’re putting into words much of what I have learned throughout my career doing this—and like a professional golfer, no matter the experience, we all need to keep learning and get reminders from a coach. This is good stuff.”

Dave Stenhouse, DS Forensics

“I am REALLY enjoying this book. Every page is like fresh spring air!”

Kevin Ripa,


“Yes 100%!! I feel like the book is hitting every thought I have in my head!”

Heather Charpentier, Digital Forensics Now Podcast


“In many ways, this amazing book is a compilation of years of investigative wisdom and experience that codifies so much of what I was taught over the years. Brett is the perfect example of a veteran sharing their wisdom to the next generation, and I am proud to say that Brett is a mentor to many. I am proud to call him my friend, and more importantly, a peer. In my opinion, this book should be read by every single digital forensics and incident response practitioner. Its lessons are invaluable.”

Jason Jordaan, DFIRLABS


“This book is now a must-read for anyone I hire. The examiner mindset can make or break a case, and this book sets you up for success. Whether you are in DFIR, insider risk, threat intelligence, or an adjacent role, you need to read this book.”

Nicole Beckwith, Sr. Manager, Threat Operations at The Kroger Co.


“For those in the industry who are naturally inquisitive and have the investigative mindset built into them from the start, this book will enhance your natural abilities. For those who are looking to develop those abilities, this is the best start you can have.”

Angelo Florian, Practitioner in Residence, University of New Haven

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