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DFIR Case Studies #7

As I was going through Case Studies #7, I found several some reminders on tips for working a case.  The simple obstacles that make some investigators quit only make others drive forward with creativity.  One example is the suspect in Case Study #7 using open WiFi to be anonymous.  Sometimes, investigators quit once they find that the suspect used a public WiFi or Tor.  This case shows why you should not do that, and in fact, can make a really good case by following basic investigative principles regardless of what the suspect has used to try to stay anonymous.

And with every new case study I release (until I stop making case studies), I'm giving a promo for training bundles.  Until midnight Friday (16th), you can get the entire DFIR Case Studies series PLUS X-Ways Forensics Practitioner's Guide online course for only $25!  This is one of the better bundles I've done.  If you have already taken the X-Ways Course, you can choose the Case Studies Series with the Placing the Suspect Behind the Keyboard Course at the same promo price of $25.

Don't forget.  Registration with this promo ends midnight, Friday, February 16Promo extended through Feb 20 for the first 25 registrations as @PhillMoore linked the course to his ThisWeekin4n6 blog.  

When you see the price go back to $150, the 25 promotional registration spots will have been used up.  

Case Studies Series + X-Ways Forensics Practitioner's Guide online course: 

Case Studies Series + Placing the Suspect Behind the Keyboard online course: 



*books not included!

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