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The XWF Guide aka, "going like hot cakes"

Not to put on any pressure, but I've been informed the XWF Guide is planned for reprint due to the preorder demand.  For those that preordered, that was a good idea, you may have your guide by now or it's in the mail.  For those that were waiting for...

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Guess I'm not the only one with a Kindle...

Looks like more Kindle readers than paperback readers.   Then again, it's easier to have the Kindle at your desk than a stack of books when you are fighting through hex, decoding registry values, and spilling coffee on the desk. Direct link to order ...

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The X-Ways Forensics Practitioners Guide is available in Kindle!

It certainly feels like a long time has passed, but the time is finally here, at least for the Kindle. Order through Amazon and you can have the book on your Kindle in less than a minute. Although it feels like it took a long time (at least for me), ...

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