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Personality of a computer

From a recent discussion that I had with Harlan Carvey about the registry, this topic is something that I touched on lightly in Placing the Suspect Behind the Keyboard. I want to expand upon beyond the registry regarding a computer having a personali...

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Add a Dab of Balance in your DFIR World

Jessica Hyde’s post of Giving Back in DFIR from 2018 is a great write up on contributing to the DFIR community, and I see her post being relevant for some time to come. One thing that I want to add is that of balancing our time in this line of work. ...

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The Easy Way to Learn DFIR

Summary There is no easy way to learn DFIR. You can stop reading from here if you want. Longer version Ok. Since you are still reading, you probably are the type that will drive through, over, around, or under walls to get to where you want to go. Go...

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