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Our World is Going to Turn Upside Down with DeepFakes

The short story Any person and their voice, in practically any video (past, present, or future) can have their face and voice digitally replaced with any other person face and voice. This is known as a “DeepFake” video.  Credibility of videos wi...

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If you are comfortable in DFIR, you might be doing it wrong

I took a 3-day basic forensic course and embarrassingly enough, the instructor (in front of the class), said that I probably know everything in the course already and this class is probably too basic for me…on the first day…in the first hour…and I wa...

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Everything I Needed to Know about Working in DFIR, I Learned in Boot Camp

You don’t need to experience military life to learn the valuable lessons that are drilled into military recruits.  In fact, you can probably enjoy the benefit of the lessons more quickly than spending months of being bombarded with ‘training’ ev...

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