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COVID-19’s Investigative Impacts on Digital Forensics/Incident Response (DFIR). AKA: All burners are now burned.

The meat and potatoes A bit is still a bit and a byte is still a byte. COVID-19 cannot change that, which means that the technical aspects of the work has not changed. But what about the investigative aspect?  Oh yes. That part of DFIR has certa...

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Mini-WinFE 10 and WinFE 10 Updated

The short story on the newest Mini-WinFE 10 (aka, the download link): Mini-WinFE has been updated and upgraded.  I update WinFE developments (including the downloads for Mini-WinFE) at  The Mini-WinFE...

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Eat your broccoli first

Something good and something not-so-good on learning DFIR The good thing about learning DFIR is that there are probably fewer barriers and obstacles to learn and gain skills in this career than most any other professional career. *  Resources ar...

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