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I took a look at Instagram's Terms of Service so that you won't have to.

Who really reads the Terms of Service anyway? Are EULAs and TOSs intentionally designed as multi-page, single-spaced, 4 font, legalized writing to confuse users or simply to dissuade users from reading past the first paragraph? A few highlights from ...

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White Paper: The Susceptibility of Interconnected Devices in a Global Concept as Surveillance Affects the Consumer-user

I read an article that China used technology to spy on users via their phones (  Here is my white paper analysis. #1 - ...

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How long does it take to get into the DFIR field?

Question I received: How long does it take before I can expect to get into a DFIR career? Answer: It depends! It depends on your available resources + available time + motivation to learn. Meaning The more of each of these that you have, the fas...

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