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Some CONS are good. Some cons are bad.

The bad cons are the criminals that victimize you. The good CONS are the conferences that you were glad to attend.  CTIN is one of those good CONS.  I’m partial to CTIN because it was the first organization that took me in when I was b...

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This is how I know someone will make it in DFIR (or in anything)

The #1 factor is not giving up. The #2 factor is talent. Actually, scratch #2. You can make it without talent if you don’t give up. Talent is overrated. <sounds of desks being pounded> Let me explain what I mean before going further. Not giving...

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5 tips in how not to be outdone, outmaneuvered, or just outright embarrassed in DFIR.

Even a monkey can fall out of a tree.

Short version: {source}<ol class="favth-list-square"><li>Bring your A Game</li><li>Don’t hold back</li><li>Be prepared</li><li>Know what you claim to know</li><li>Fight complacency</li>...

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