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“I am neither a digital forensics practitioner nor do I play one on television.”

TL: DR (this is the important part) One day, your DFIR profession may be negatively affected by your behavior in your private life, judged by a third party’s ethical standard. And your creativity to solve cases will be restricted by only being allowe...

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The DFIR Investigative Mindset

    We use cutting-edge tools to uncover the story of what happened on computing systems. This is awesome! But we often ignore attribution, which is difficult. I understand. Digital forensics alone can hardly identify the suspect ...

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DFIR is a mindset, not a skillset.

I recently posted a webinar on the DFIR Investigative Mindset, which is a snippet of a program I’ve occasionally taught internally over the past years.  I distilled a major component of the DFIR Investigative Mindset for this post into seven wor...

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