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If USB flash drives were shaped like spiders, we wouldn’t have these problems

I hate USB drives. My first experiences with the darn things was when I was a young patrol officer and the entire police department was ‘issued’ a USB flashdrive to temporarily store our reports. In theory, we would be able to write reports in our pa...

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Working in DFIR is glamorous, but mostly only to those not working in DFIR...

Here is something about the DFIR career field: it is one of the most exciting, eventful, and jam-packed jobs that anyone can have. Running and gunning, saving the world, hacking into remote systems, and stopping bombs from exploding seconds before th...

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Overcommitted in DFIR

I have seen people be overcommitted, realize that they are overcommitted, yet continue forward in the most serious of situations. By overcommitted, I do not mean that they took on more than what they could handle, but that they started down a path, c...

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