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Eat your broccoli first

Something good and something not-so-good on learning DFIR The good thing about learning DFIR is that there are probably fewer barriers and obstacles to learn and gain skills in this career than most any other professional career. *  Resources ar...

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The Second Decade of the 2000s is almost over!

We’ve come a long way in DFIR over the past 20 years, and even looking at just the past decade, the field has drastically grown! Whether you were born or have been doing DFIR work during this period, there has been much going on. We’ve gone from “pul...

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Public Records

I have an outstanding public records request. It is not "outstanding" in the manner that I wrote a great request, but "outstanding" in that I haven't received any public records yet from the request. I have been hired by government agencies as a cons...

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