About Me


Let me be the first to say that my experience, education, and training pale in comparison to many others! I am more proud to say that I was fortunate enough to chase the shadows and hold onto the shirttails of incredible people throughout my careers.

I have done some things.

Jumped from planes. Climbed mountains on multiple continents. Swam in several oceans. Bought and sold more than a ton of drugs as an undercover officer. Operated internationally undercover in organized crime cases. Kicked in doors in SWAT. Raced cars.  Taught classes and courses to graduate-level students, law enforcement officers, and 'secret agency' officers.

Worked investigations with the FBI, DEA, ATF, USSS, IRS, USCS, USCG, USMS, USPS, USDA, DOJ, NPC, ICE, DHS, OCA, CIA, and dozens of domestic and foreign state and local law enforcement agencies.

Wore four different uniforms and swore the Oath more times than that.

Carried machine guns. Hunted wild animals that hunted me.

Broke into buildings, stole cars, and installed covert listening devices in buildings (with warrants!). Wrote so many affidavits for so many search warrants for so many arrests that I can't count them all.

Wined and dined with crime bosses internationally. Was wined and dined by crime bosses...

Hired as a hitman. Faked a death. Assumed roles of arms trafficker, human trafficker, drug manufacturer, drug broker, and smuggler. Saved children. Saved children. Saved children.

Investigated, pursued, arrested, and testified against murderers, terrorists, and just plain violent animals.

I've experienced government waste, government abuse, and government coverups. I've uncovered corporate espionage and identified terrorist training camps in the USA!

Some judges called me an expert, and maybe someday I might be.

I've been pinned with a few Navy, Marine Corps, Army, and law enforcement medals. Some should have been twice as important, while the others weren't a big deal at all. 

Had near-death experiences. Not fun.

I donate at least 100 hours a year to community service.  I need to do more.

Failed more than succeeded in everything I ever tried.

Been discriminated against and hated on. Stolen from. Beaten, stabbed, and shot at.  Been doxed, hacked, and breached.  Been falsely accused, lied about, investigated, and all vindicated. Lost family, property, and lost it all.

I tell the truth, even when it hurts me the most.  I suffer for what is right.  I help those who let me help.

I would not change a thing except do more and do better. 

That's me in a nutshell.